Error diagnosis

Have any response time delays or even sporadic system outages ever occurred in your mission critical applications during productive operation?

Have check ups of all systems involved (network, server, data bank, middle ware, application) not provided any information on the cause so far? Is the "buck" being passed on? Is valuable time passing by, are planned profits threatened, are costs accumulating?

We reveal the cause(s) to you of sporadic response time deferments, apparently inexplicable system outages as a result of circular dependencies on concurrent sub processes or as a result of a continually increasing memory space consumption of your spread out application based on Java, Java EE and web technologies, regardless of their scope and complexity.

  • Fast, goal-oriented and efficient.
  • Without interruption or impairment of your productive operations.
  • Detailed down to method access, SQL commands and arguments/values.
  • Documented and comprehensible.
We will supply you with all information for systematic correction and for documenting success.