Automated provision of Oracle Weblogic Server Platform

Automation of the whole process for the provision of an Oracle Middleware Platform consists of a multitude of complex sensitive procedural steps, both from a semantic as well as a syntactic perspective, in combination with the artifacts required, programmatically reduced to a single command line call, it enables execution in the shortest time possible in continuously high quality and reproducibility.


The term "Provision" of a Oracle Weblogic Server Platform comprises its whole life time cycle, starting from its initial installation, via a chosen number of possible extensions and/or reductions (JAR-/Script-Patching), to the final complete deinstallation.


The Process for an automated provision of an Oracle Weblogic Server Platform:

  • comprises all required working steps and artifacts
  • requires no preparation
  • requires no post-processing
  • is applicable on all versions from 10g Release 3, operated under Unix/Linux
  • enables parallel operation of various versions on one host system
  • fulfills all requirements for the provision of high availability:
    • Node Manager
    • Crash recovery
    • AutoKillIfFailed
    • AutoRestart
    • Clustering
    • Whole Server Migration
  • delivers additional commands for efficient and reliable configuration. These commands can be issued centrally, from any of the unlimited number of comprising host systems, for configuration and/or administration of:
    • SSL certificates (self-signed), configured (CN, OU, O, L, S, C) to support Hostname-Verification (generation/extension/reduction)
    • SSH- und SSL key trust (generation/extension/reduction)
    • OCM/MOS access (setup/management/termination)
    • Weblogic Server domains (generation/extension/reduction)
    • Weblogic Server instances (operating and monitoring run level)
  • can be executed as a signed package
  • unlimited reproducibility
  • unlimited expandability due to modular structure

Products supported

The process for automated provision of an Oracle Weblogic Server Platform is applicable and has been tested with the following products:

Weblogic Server Version Number * Oracle Fusion Middleware Release Number GA Date Premier Support Ends Extended Support Ends Sustaining Support Ends
12.1.x.0 12c Release 1 2011 Dec 2016 Dec 2019 Dec indefinite
10.3.x.0 11g Release 1 2009 Jun 2018 Jun 2021 Jun indefinite
10.3.0.x 10g Release 3 2008 Aug 2014 Jan 2017 Jan indefinite

*) MBean Attribute: DomainMBean.ConfigurationVersion
References: Oracle Lifetime Support PoliciesLifetime Support Policy: Oracle Fusion Middleware Products

Application Area

The processes are suitable for comprehensive, efficient and reliable provision of an Oracle Weblogic Server Platform for:

  • Operators of physical or virtual host systems in a conventional environment (production, integration, test, development)
  • Providers of PaaS, in public or private Clouds
  • Provider of Appliances


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