Business Process Management in the Cloud

With the Cloud BPM is not invented basically anew. But the subject will radically change with the Cloud. BPM PaaS, with focus on the technical requirements and their ease of implementation, moves the line of business more than ever in a position to actively shape processes.

Does one or other situation seem to you maybe famously if you think of your business processes?

  • The exchange of data requires additional "tools", such as email, text documents (e.g. Word) or spreadsheets (e.g. Excel).
  • Filling out paper forms is time-consuming and error-prone.
  • The collaboration between field and office work prepares additional costs for both parties.
  • The flow of communication shows media breaks, e.g., between phone, postal letter, e-mail, etc.
  • The status of a transaction processing is not readily apparent to everyone involved.
  • There is a lack of possibilities of process steps on the go, even without a wireless connection to edit by mobile phone, tablet computer or notebook.
  • There is a lack of possibilities customers or business partners to integrate directly into the process (self-service).

Oracle Process Cloud Services

Oracle Process Cloud Service is a subscription based process automation cloud service built for the line of business. It includes a full lifecycle business process automation and management environment for development, test and production - delivers on low startup costs, faster time to market, and quick return on investment. This highly available and scalable process automation solution can automate your business processes in a matter of days or even hours, without the load of delivering and maintaining the underlying infrastructure. It decouples and empowers the line of business owner to work decoupled from IT in delivering business applications. In addition it allows the business user to have end to end process visibility.


Please also read our publication on the subject in the Oracle Community of the Oracle Technology Network:
Getting Started with Oracle Process Cloud Service

Our Offer

Together with you and tailored to your requirements, we create, within a 1 to 5-day workshop, a working prototype of your business process. Following our workshop you can try everyday, continuously adapt to your growing needs and expand.

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